Male Witch

Some of you maybe wondering why I call myself a witch.  I'd like to explain.  Do to the worlds social media and world views, the word witch has been associated solely toward women.  Which isn't the case at all!  The word witch simply means "Wise One" and yes this means the Three Wise Men in the Bible were Witches, back then called Magi's. So, to think that could only apply to females is absurd.  Then I get asked, "Aren't male magick users called Warlock?" Which is a direct cause of Hollywood movies, mind you.  The actual term of Warlock means "oath breaker", this was given as a title to anyone within a coven that broke coven laws.  That is, if the crime wasn't severe.  If it was, the individual was killed with their own measure, (a single cord cut measuring from head to toe of the individual as they joined the coven) to hang them with their measure would mean the end of their sole's journey.  If the crime was not so severe, the coven would banish them and brand them a Warlock. Thank you for reading.

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