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essential oils, herbs


Volume: 2oz bottle


PROSPERITY ritual oil

Patchouli, Cedar, Ginger, Pine

Use: Anoint what you want to grow, checkbook or personal prosperity in ones life.

*This product was made and blessed in the traditional Pagan ways.

Each bottle contains...

*GRAPE SEED OIL, blended 7 days with herbs (patchouli, cedar, ginger and pine), blessed under a full moon. Grape seed oil is ruled by the Moon and the Elemental Water. Grape seed Oil carries great properties for blends that deal with fertility, money and strengthening mental abilities.

A small amount of oil goes a long way. Some believe that anointing certain objects with oil may bless that object.  Use a single drop of the oil to anoint the kitchen cupboards, the belief is that in this way one will always have food. Anoint the car, for one to always have fuel. Anoint the threshold your home, the hope is that the home will always prosper. 

There are millions of ways the oil can be used.

REMEMBER: "Never ask for more than you need."

Anoint your fingertips, and blow on them, expressing belief in yourself and magic. For magic is only an illusion if one does not believe in themselves and the work they are performing. Bless yourself and go about anointing objects. Keep the oil in a safe place. When in use, it is recommended external use only. Above all, allow the God or Goddess or whoever you believe in to work in your favor so, be patient.